Technical IT audit

What we offer

Complete audit of Your IT infrastructure. We conduct detailed research, communicate with businesses, and identify the most critical points. We work mainly with the small and medium-sized business segment. Areas of retail, catering, logistics, fashion boutiques, cosmetology, etc.

What we do

- Identify bottlenecks in the IT infrastructure - Select the most suitable equipment from the server for the specific business and deliver it - Conduct an audit of the SOFTWARE used in the company. We will make recommendations for improvements, replacements, or updates - If necessary, we will provide technical support

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What you get

Thanks to the work of our team, you can find out the problem areas in the IT infrastructure of your business and how to solve them. With our help, you will have a guide to action. We will provide you with not only bare numbers and facts, but also calculate how much the business is losing because of this. Thus, in a period of one to 3 months, you will have a tool that will allow you to achieve your targets.

IT consulting with us is

  • Audit and equipment selection
  • Audit and software selection
  • Consulting services for the development of websites and web applications. Selection of implementation tools
  • Preparation of a feasibility study for the implementation of a particular system
  • Audit of business processes in the IT plane

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How do we work?

  1. Fill a brief

  2. Get a commercial offer

  3. Arrange a meeting or online conference

  4. Discuss in detail

  5. Conclude a contract

  6. Work on a project

  7. Hand over the work to the customer

What you get?

  • Software audit
    with a list of recommendations and amounts
  • Hardware audit
    with a list of recommendations and amounts
  • Site audit
    with a full list of problem areas
  • Audit of your IT department
    with an assessment of the quality of performance of tasks
  • Consulting services
    marketing and managing groups in social networks