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Develop a step-by-step marketing strategy for the development of your company. The definition of SEO policies to strengthen the position of your Internet site. Choosing the direction for promotion in social networks, messengers, and apps. Creating an accurate and well-designed personal marketing plan the Algorithm of our work includes: Analysis of your project Evaluation of competitors' websites Defining the main goals The choice of methods of set tasks implementation The correct definition of goals allows you to form an effective strategy and achieve the desired result. After a preliminary analysis of your project, we will make a commercial offer, determine actions to achieve the goals of your project, and suggest a vector for the development of your company. We will establish options for mutually beneficial cooperation and sign a contract

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    successful strategies

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    regular customers

  • 20

    percent increase in customer profits

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What you will get

A marketing plan that defines the company’s goals and how to achieve them. Increase your customer base, brand popularity, and revenue for your business.

Our work provides

  • Growth in orders, sales, and profits. This goal is relevant for online stores, commercial companies, and websites that sell products and services. Performance is evaluated based on the number of orders and the average purchase amount
  • Increasing positions based on set queries (keys). The goal is set for all information, selling resources, and any sites. It allows you to attract more customers, buyers, and, as a result, increase brand awareness, confidence and profit. Achieved by SEO promotion
  • Increase site traffic. Goal for entertainment portals, blogs, personal pages, and any Internet resources

The marketing plan is

  • Study of external factors
  • Analysis of the company’s internal reserves
  • The study of consumer demand
  • Defining development goals and objectives
  • Developing a personal strategy

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How do we work?

  1. Fill a brief

  2. Get a commercial offer

  3. Arrange a meeting or online conference

  4. Discuss in detail

  5. Conclude a contract

  6. Work on a project

  7. Hand over the work to the customer

What you get?

  • Full audit
    Of your resource and competitor projects
  • Marketing plan
    to define goals, tasks, and ways to achieve them
  • SEO promotion
    increasing the site's position in search engines
  • Contextual advertising
    to attract users with conversion to buyers
  • Advertising in social networks
    with a precise impact on the target audience
  • Display advertising
    with a high level of response, increasing brand awareness