UI/UX design

Design and style – Delsnab



Client: Delsnab

Date: 18.02.2018

Deadline: 2 weeks

Link to the project:

Develop a corporate identity for a company that sells and supplies rolled metal products. Take into account the wishes of customers on the choice of colors



Initially, our team conducted a small pre-project study, which revealed the following goals of the customer:

  • Conciseness-so that there is no semantic overload
  • Simplicity — straight clear lines, without excessive ” curls»
  • Reflection of business features
  • Increasing the level of loyalty of regular and new customers
  • Brand awareness
  • Rework the old concept, but still keep the style



Our team has implemented

  • Corporate website design
  • Fonts and colors were selected
  • A harmonious arrangement of elements has been selected
  • Developed the layout of business cards
  • Business features are taken into account — by adding metal colors and geomeric elements to the site and vcards
  • A prototype of the mobile version of the site design has been developed

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  • UI/UX design

    Design and style – Delsnab

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