Blockchain development

Cryptoarts-art objects in the blockchain



Client: Client


Deadline: 2 years

Link to the project:

CryptoArts is a blockchain platform for Federal museums, galleries, collectors and cultural experts.

The main goals and objectives of the project:

Move real objects art in the blockchain
Launch the economy
Create a tool investing in items art.


What was done

  • The backend on Ruby on Rails with postgresql, sidekiq
    and elasticsearch (chewy)
  • Frontend on React/Redux;
  • A private blockchain was created based on The Ethereum fork
    Crypto Arts;
  • Established ” communication” with Ethereum via web3.js, raised
    separate micro-service on nodejs;
  • Issued a LOT token;
  • We have written smart contracts for internal business processes
    allowing you to manage the token and capture information
  • Provenance / tracking of objects in the blockchain;
  • Information about art objects entered in IPFS;
  • Built a separate docker image with a node for fast
    deployment in museums;
  • We have organized a micro-service architecture by
  • Configured the stack via docker-swarm;
  • Configured gitlab-ci for automatic service updates
    stage and production environments.

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  • Blockchain development

    Development of a cryptocurrency exchange website

  • Blockchain development

    Cryptoarts-art objects in the blockchain