Web development

Barbershop and beauty Salon – Amster



Client: Alex

Date: 15.09.2019

Deadline: 2 month

Link to the project: https://barbershop-amster.vn.ua/

The task was to create sites for interaction with clients.

The main requirements of the customer were:

  • Providing a convenient list of services and their cost
  • Display employees and their permissions
  • Show information about past work
  • Post a list of products
  • To provide an opportunity for online entries on the website
  • Make a convenient function of the admin panel, for the ability to edit all content.


Website for Barbershop

The first decision was to implement a website for Barbershop. After discussing all the details with the client, the site structure was developed, as well as several mockups were provided to the client with possible implementation of their needs.

When the client approved the mockup that they liked the most, we started developing the site design.

After the design was approved, we started developing the site.

Within 3 weeks, the client received a fully working website that satisfied all his desires.

During the work, the client was constantly in touch, and we were able to achieve a great understanding, which helped make the site convenient for barbershop clients, as well as practical for editing.

The client was able to edit each block on the site in the admin panel.


Features and structure of the Barbershop site

The site’s functionality consists of the following blocks:

The main unit that makes it possible to immediately record up to its Barber. This increases the flow of customers, as people immediately see the recording opportunities and use it.
The following sections will briefly inform us about the institution itself, as well as the services and their cost.
Then there were made blocks that introduce us to employees and their work.
It was decided to withdraw the products provided by the Barbershop. Without the possibility of online purchase, just so that the customer could get acquainted and buy what he chose when visiting.
A convenient contact block that introduces us to social networks. networks, as well as provides us with a route that a person could easily find on the map.
The “Yclients” service was also enabled for online recording. And customized Google Adwords advertising, which helped the client in the shortest possible time to fill up the customer base and increase the number of entries.

A mobile version of the site was developed for the convenience of customers.


Website of a beauty salon

After the successful launch of the Barbershop site, we started developing the next site. Knowing the customer’s taste and approach, we were able to reach the overall vision of the second site in the shortest possible time. It was decided to make a second site in a similar style, since they are establishments of the same network.

The site was developed and completely made in 2 weeks, which the client was very happy with. At the stage of project completion, we did not receive more than one edit.

This site had the following structure:

Main block with online recording capability;
Information block about the salon and its services.
A practical section about salon masters was developed, which provided complete information about each master , as well as a list of his works.
It was suggested that the client make an Instagram block on the site that would contain the latest photos. Photos were uploaded via the API and did not need any editing, all that was posted in the social network, went straight to the site. This way we were able to link instagram and the site for even more customers and subscribers.
The last one was a block that provides information about the salon’s contacts.
It was also decided to connect the yclients service and enable advertising. Having received success on the Barbershop site, the client also wanted to improve the salon.
Having done the necessary actions, we managed to implement everything and get a lot of nice words from the client.

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